Studio Policies COVID-19


Given all of the recent restrictions and with the wish to help everyone in our community stay happy and connected, we’ve implemented the following policies, that we kindly ask you to read before booking or attending any in-studio class

CLASS SIZE: Class size are limited and walk-ins cannot be accommodated.

ONLINE OPTIONS: To respect the privacy of our students and ensure the quality of the class, we do not stream online our classes. We will continue to offer On Demand options to supplement your studio time. Yoga for cancer will continue on free zoom based sessions.

STUDIO CHECK IN PROCEDURES: Students are to do a self-assessment before entering the studio, and by showing up the class, this effectively confirms you do not have a fever and are not experiencing any sign of illness before class.

PRACTICE CLEAN : Everyone needs to wear a face mask* before and after class. Mandatory sanitize or wash your hands before class. Sanitizer, soap and wipes provided. Temperature checks are required upon arrival. Studio surfaces are stringently sanitized with hospital-grade EPA approved disinfectants

What we need from you…It takes a responsible and mindful community to keep everybody safe

BOOKING CLASSES: With limited space in classes, we kindly suggest that you only reserve the classes you are committed to attending. If you don’t cancel and don’t show, you will be charged for the class (see specifics under Class Cancellation).

WHAT TO BRING: We recommend you bring your own personal mat. If you don’t have one, a free complementary mat will be offered to you (in this case please bring a towel to use on top of the mat).

BE RESPONSIBLE : If you aren’t feeling well or, have a cough, fever or symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t attend class for your well-being and that of your teachers and classmates . If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has, we ask that you not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative

BEFORE CLASS: Students are to do a self-assessment before entering the studio, and by showing up to teach class, this effectively confirms you do not have a fever and are not experiencing any sign of illness before class.

WHEN TO ARRIVE: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class. Hand sanitiser to be used when you arrive and leave and washing hands mandatory before the start of the class. If you are unable to arrive on time, please understand, you will be forfeiting your spot in class and will be charged for the session.

WHILE IN STUDIO: We request that all students enter the studio wearing their own mask. Masks can be removed once you have your mat in place and are ready for class. We ask that all participants continue to practice standard precautions, including covering coughs and sneezes, frequently washing hands, avoiding sharing beverages/food, and avoiding touching nose, mouth, and eyes

STAY HOME: If you are feeling unwell please err on the side of caution and stay home

As our class sizes are dramatically impacted by social distancing and restrictions, we will enforce temporary cancellation policies that are more stringent than our previously held policies

CLASS CANCELATION: Students can cancel their class through Eversport 24h ahead of class time without penalties.

LATE CANCELLATION: Students that cancel within the 24-hour window before class or fail to show for class will lose their class.

EXCEPTION: If you register for class and decide that it is best to cancel, please contact our management team ASAP via email ( or phone (676-373-1648) to ensure you are not charged any late cancel fees. We understand life happens, and we especially understand if people need to cancel last minute due to emergency. We will take exceptions on a case by case basis. If you DO cancel with the assumption that you have COVID symptoms, you will be asked to stay away from the studio for at least 14 days or until you have received a negative test result for COVID-19.

Let’s stay healthy and safe this Spring