Summer Yoga Challenge: Slow Down and Deepen Your Practice

11. Jul– 12. Sept, 2024

Are you ready to embrace a slower pace and deepen your yoga journey this summer? Join us for a 10-class series designed to help you slow down, breathe deeply, and find inner peace. Each class combines yoga, meditation, and pranayama to create a holistic experience of mindfulness and relaxation. Explore the concept of balance in all aspects of life, as we combine the grounding nature of Yin Yoga with mindfulness exercises to foster emotional and mental equilibrium.

Our 10-class series offers a sanctuary from the noise, guiding you towards a state of tranquility and mindfulness.


Special Rewards:

♥ Complete 8 out of 10 classes to receive a wellness Goodie Bag.

♥ Complete all 10 classes to earn a spot in our exclusive upcoming Tibetan Tantra women-only program.


♥Embracing Stillness: Discover the power of slowing down.
♥Grounding in the Present: Deep stretches for total relaxation.
♥Breath of Life: Pranayama for calm and clarity.
♥Finding Balance: Gentle yoga for inner harmony.
♥Meditative Movements: Slow vinyasa for deep awareness.
♥Inner Peace: Guided meditation for stress relief.
♥Serenity Within: Meditation for inner silence.

At the heart of this summer challenge lies a serene series of enriching classes. Each class offers a chance to integrate a peaceful ritual into your daily life.

The beauty of this program is its gentle flexibility. You can choose to immerse yourself fully in the entire journey or select the themes that resonate most with your heart and schedule.

Grounding in the Present: Deep Stretch Yoga

11. July 19:00 pm

Meditative Movements: Yin and Somatic Healing

18. July 19:00 pm

Inner Peace: Yoga for Stress Relief

25. July 19:00 pm

Breathe Deep: Advanced Pranayama Techniques

1. August 19:00 pm

Body Bliss: Honoring the Temple Within

8. August 19:00 pm

Infinite Breath: Advanced Cyclic Breathing Techniques

15. August 19:00 pm

Inner Sanctuary: Advanced Visualization Techniques

22. August 19:00 pm

Tranquil Depths: Yin Yoga and Mindful Breathing

29. August 19:00 pm

Sacred Breath: Tibetan Tantra and Pranayama Fusion

5. Septembert 19:00 pm

Mindfulness Magic: Deep Presence and Calm

12. September 19:00 pm

Single Drop in class


Package 10 classes

eur 148

Participation to classes is possible only with prior confirmed registration.

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