The role of Yoga in the complementary treatment of cancer

This specialised class is designed to integrate the needs of cancer survivors, in treatment, newly diagnosed or looking to improve their health. The class is a blend of breath control, meditation, and physical movement and can be helpful in cases of anxiety and depression, nausea, insomnia; and supporting the immune system. Through practice, yoga can build strength and flexibility in safe ways, enhance energy, bring a sense of wellbeing and be part of a friendly community.

Yoga for oncologic support

We will practice gentle yoga asana, breathing and meditation. Poses are modified to address common side effects from treatment therapies (chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, drugs). Explanations are given throughout the class of how the poses help to deal with side effects.

Wear confortable clothes in which you can move freely and bring socks to wear at all times if you are experiecing peripheral neuropathy. It is always recommended that you have your own mat, but if not, mats and all necesary props are provided.

Class is slow paced and inclusive; you don’t need any prior yoga experience. Remember,if you become fatigued or feel discomfort during class you may rest at any time, and chairs can be provided for your comfort.  Yoga classes are mat-based but we can modify them if you prefer to sit in a chair.

Registration is required in order to keep a small class size. In this group setting we will offer you plenty of personal attention and guidance on suitable variations. If you feel that your needs can not be addressed in a group setting, we can offer you private yoga sessions.
To join a class please email or call us at or +436763731648
Caregivers, family members, friends – anyone sharing your experience – are welcome


These classes are not intended as a substitute for any medical treatment and are no designed to replaces doctor’s independent judgement. We recommend that you speak with your doctor prior to begin a yoga programme , in particular if you receiving on-going medical treatment for cancer.