Experience a life changing yoga journey

Our goal is to qualify inspiring yoga teachers.

We are committed to creating the warmest, most inclusive and integrated yoga teacher trainings experiences.

200-hours Holistic Yoga Teacher Training in India


Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in India will be held in at the foothills of the Himalayas, in Rishikesh.

Beautiful temples, breathtaking waterfalls and natural landscapes, delicious food, and warm-hearted and welcoming people.
Every evening the area lights up with the aarti and it is truly a majestic sight to witness. After sunset, several diyas (lamps) are set afloat in leaf boats in the holy river Ganga.

200-hours Yoga Teacher Training in Vienna


This is a 2-months Teacher Training that will be covered over 7 weekends, with 2 online and 5 in-person weekends. The in-person sessions will be held  in our lovely studio in the heart of Vienna.

The course starts with an online preparation part of the training which consisting of live sessions and reading meant to prepare you for a rich curriculum and the intensity of the in-person teacher training when we meet in the studio.

Details coming soon

200-hours Holistic Yoga Teacher Training in India


Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa will be held in exotic Woodbourne Resort.

Warm ocean, white sand, juicy fruits, and scenic view will be our home for this amazing yoga teacher training.
The ecologically friendly Woodbourne shines out in terms of beauty and presence. The resort is surrounded by nature, oceans, and mountains.

Details coming soon

300-hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal


Our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training will be held in Pokhara.

Pokhara’s tranquil beauty has been the subject of inspiration for many travel writers. Its pristine air, spectacular backdrop of snowy peaks, blue lakes and surrounding greenery make it ‘the jewel in the Himalaya’, a place of remarkable natural disposition.

Details coming soon